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The angels and demons were amazing, Gabriel in particular. Boffo… - Anyone But Keanu for Constantine [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 21st, 2005|09:34 pm]
Anyone But Keanu for Constantine


The angels and demons were amazing, Gabriel in particular. Boffo casting on the supporting players.

Rachel Weisz was okay--kind of one-note but it was an appropriate note.

I like Keanu, but I'm sorry I'm with you--he was wrong for the role. Too clean, too young-looking. John may have been forty, but he was forty years and two hundred miles of bad road, which Reeves is 'just' forty. I can live with the change in setting--I can even live with a twenty-year old Chas. Alas...

Spoiler alert!

I actually liked the writing. Dangerous Habits being my favorite story I liked the way it got folded into something more conventional, bringing up the 'Prophecy'-like plot into something uniquely Hellblazer. Still...more grizzled, more asshole, more emotive. Keanu has his strengths, but damaged-messiah isn't one of them. Neo was simply messiah--John was deeply damaged.
The writing had nice chewy moments, some of them felt wasted. Like Angela asking if she needed to take all her clothes off--J.C. would have been more openly lecherous.

Alas, a movie needs an A-list "Name" to open a picture with, someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise whose name alone will sell tickets. Ignoring that rule I'd have gone with Michael Madsen (my husband says Guy Pierce). Going with that rule (and the millions of dollars it represents), you've got a very short list and Keanu was the least inappropriate.

Hope nobody minds my spouting off too much--it was an almost-great movie.

[User Picture]From: lurkingheretic
2005-02-22 05:57 am (UTC)

Poking around other LJ's

Alas, Kiefer Sutherland was spoken for...

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[User Picture]From: beable
2005-02-22 10:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Poking around other LJ's

YEah going with the A-list actor thing, Kiefer could have pulled it off. I really like Keifer Sutherland.

On the "cliche action movie list" I think Bruce Willis or Val Kilmer would have been better, although I am not really saying much here.

There are worse casting choices they could have made, agreed (I'd be cringing more about Tom Cruise or Vin Diesel. Or George Clooney. Or Colin Farrell.)

Casting someone like Ben Stiller would have been grossly inappropriate, but also would have added a certain dark humour.
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